About Us


  • Complete Machine Shop Services
  • CNC – 14” Hollow Spindle Lathe
  • 14” Conventional Oil Country Lathe 4 Meter
  • Heavy Duty Boring Machine for size upto 3.5m in diameter
  • Radial Drilling Machine – 3 meter swivel
  • Milling machine
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine – 900mm x 4 Meter
  • Surface finish Grinder
  • Hydro Testing up to 30,000 PSI
  • Welding facility ( Arc / TIG / MIG)
  • High Pressure Large Valve (52”) test unit – up to 30K psi
  • Automatic Test Bench – 2” to 24” & up to #1500
  • Power-saw Cutting Machine for cutting & Parting
  • Oxy acetylene cutting Machine
  • 20 Ton Overhead Crane for handling Manual Testing flanges up to 52”.
  • Highly skilled and experience workforce.


We at Kuwait Green Energy Co. (KGEC) aim at becoming a Profitable enterprising & dynamic – environmental friendly solution provider of choice to the energy sector,

  • Providing the best of quality, consistent with customer requirements.
  • Preventing non-conformance at all stages.
  • Within the requested service time.
  • Adhering to all applicable standards & regulatory requirements.
  • With constant review & improvement of systems.


Kuwait Green Energy Co. (KGEC) is committed to work consistently in a safe manner. Our Organization as well as personal commitment is to maintain a safe, accident free work environment abiding by the HSE Laws & Regulations. We recognize our responsibility towards Health, Safety and Environment and strive to minimize the impacts due to unsafe work environment, and any risks associated with our activities.

To accomplish this goal, Kuwait Green Energy Co (KGEC) will use the necessary engineering & technical resources and encourage development of safe work attitudes and strive to bring about a safety discipline throughout the Organization.

We are all responsible for our personal safety and safety of those around us. Our commitment to HSE performance is an integral part of our business and is essential for our long-term success. The responsibility for complying with this Policy lies with each and every individual of the organization.